Design & Development Process

1. Discovery Phase

Discovery Phase

The first step is for us to meet in person or fill out our online form so we can better understand your goals for the project.

2. Design Phase

Design Phase

Based on your likes, dislikes, we create a unique design just for you.  After our initial meeting, we will create online or static examples for your review.

3. Build Phase

Build Phase

Once we have agreed on the direction of the design, look and feel well start to build an actual website or software product.  This when we turn your static designs into a functional working system.

4. Fine Tuning & Revisions

Fine Tuning & Revisions

Once the project has been built, we will test all of the functionality and tweak elements based on your feedback and input.

5. Go LIVE!


Once you approve your project and we finalize and test the functionality, it's time to present your project to the world.  Congratulations!

6. Support & Maintenance

Support & Maintenance

After your project goes live, we are still here to help.  We provide a 30 day warranty to fix any problems or errors.  We make sure your backups are working properly and your data is safe.  Let us know if you need anything else.

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